Atomic Robo - The Exodus of Dr. Dinosaur

Atomic Robo - The Introduction

The system, house rules, and settings of the campaign

This campaign takes place in an alternate reality, a lot like ours, but with the conspiracy, science, and action ramped up to 11. Think of Indianna Jones and how it relates to archaeology. The world of Atomic Robo, does the same with action science.

The players are employees at Tesladyne, an elite technologically advanced US based company, that takes mercenary contracts to deal with weird science.

This game uses the FATE game system and house rules for whenever the GM needs to “wing it”. For most PC’s, this is their first story arc, and game with FATE.

The following are house rules or specific to the Atomic Robo RPG

Untested Equipment:

The PC’s can invest one FATE point to pull a random item out of a crate of unlabeled and untested equipment. The GM draws a card from a Gamma World deck (discards it if it’s boring, until a properly interesting one comes up) then describes the basics of the item they receive.


As action scientists, the players are able to brainstorm devices they need, the capabilities of the item, and then make rolls to help build the item. This is done dynamically, mid session. Depending upon their situation, time constraints, dice rolls and equipment availability, the costs of building an invention can be dangerous and are up to the GM’s discretion.



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